What exactly is copywriting?
Copywriting is a profession that is traditionally associated with the advertising industry. As part of a creative team, the copywriter is the person who provides the written aspect of all advertising and publicity material, including the headline, the body copy, and the tag-line. But copywriting is certainly not limited to advertising. Any strategic message—whether it’s a brand weaving a tale, a product vying for attention, or a company sharing its vision—belongs to the realm of copywriting.

What are your key services?
First, verbal identity: all successful brands share certain traits, and a distinctive “voice” is one of them. I help brands to develop their voice, which includes the unique tone, lexicon, and syntax that determine how the brand sounds when it communicates. Second, message creation: I provide a wide array of content, from headlines to brand narratives, from product messaging to storytelling, from employee newsletters to corporate mission statements. Third, translation: certain French clients are satisfied with their existing content and simply seek a high-quality English language adaptation, which I take care of personally.

Why work with you instead of a French copywriter?
Based near Paris, I speak fluent French but write entirely in English, which gives me a real advantage as most of my end clients are either major groups that communicate essentially in English, or international brands whose global strategy requires them to use this lingua franca. Perhaps more importantly, thanks to my natural affinity for the written word and my many years of experience working on both sides of the agency-client couple, I perfectly understand the power of words and know how to wield them with passion and precision.